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30 Sep

Jake… yes, you, Jake Gyllenhaal… sorry I missed your call. Call me back.

Yes, I DO want to go on a date with you this weekend. 😉

(Wow, I need to get out). But seriously. WOWWWWW.


Day 3.

30 Sep

What. the. hell. did. people. do. before. facebook?

For real. I’m not even kidding. Today, I really needed to know the following:

* Where can I order chinese for lunch around Shadyside?

* Does anyone want to go running after work?

* What the hell is Victoria doing? (Hi, Victoria! I told you I’d give you a shout out. This is one of many!)

I also wanted to tell the following people the following:

* Dan Rinkus: I’m watching Scrubs. It always makes me think of you because I know how much you like it.

* DiAnna: Nekkie kisses

* Meghann: Holy shit. You’re getting married in nine days. Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. (Sorry for the vulgar language, family).

Yes, yes… I could text or call them… but it’s so much easier to just post a status to see where I can get chinese for lunch… whatever.

OKKKK. and in other news. If I were still using Facebook, you would know that I witnessed a pretty intense car accident this morning. Approximately six minutes after dragging my ass out of bed and taking my dogs out for  a walk, I was closing my OPEN SUNROOF because it was raining, and I turned my head to the right… and SMMMMMASSSSHHHHHHH car STRAIGHT into a parked Jeep. I figure it’s a matter of time before the Mazda gets smashed for being parked on the street. Regardless, it was scary. The driver seemed to be OK, but the damage was substantial. Shitty.

In other news, J Ro and Kate and I are going out for Happy Hours tomorrow night! (Probably Stef later, after her work happy hour)… we’re officially on the hunt for “Jackson”… did I ever blog about “Jackson”? (Obviously, not on this blog…) Let’s put it this way… we made credentials for Jackson in January… I thought I met Jackson in February… but as it turns out, I didn’t. But I will. J Ro is on the hunt for “Damon”. Girls will be girls 🙂

That’s all for now. Justin Bieber is on tv… time to pretend I have no interest at all.

Quick self-realization

29 Sep

So… I’m testing out WordPress on my phone. Here goes nothing.

I just thought I’d post a quick non facebook related post. Even without facebook to remind me of how much I love people in my life (friends, family, etc) I am constantly reminded.

I just got done having a text marathon with Megan Whitmer, Justins younger cousin who I became really close with when we were dating. When Justin and I broke up, I was really upset that she wouldn’t be part of my life anymore, and she was truly upset as well.

Long story short, we just had a lenghty conversation together where I was able to give her advice on something, because she truly still valued my opinion, and it made me feel good.

I think despite losing someone, and maybe no longer being able to be as close, it’s great to know those people havent left your life forever, and that you remain in their hearts, minds and thoughts. She’s such a good girl 🙂

That is all.


Twitter Update

29 Sep

Just as an update… I haven’t posted anything to Twitter yet, either. I deleted Twitter off of my phone, but haven’t decided if I’ll go a month without Twitter, too. We don’t have the kind of special relationship that Facebook and I had. Just thought you should know, though.

How do I know what’s going on in the world????

29 Sep

…and by “in the world” I mean “in the lives of my friends.”

I feel like I’m going to have to start reading the newspaper or something each morning, because now I can’t lay in bed and catch up on everyone’s status updates. This is lame, and really really boring.

It has been 24 hours, and I honestly feel like my day is not complete… like it’s missing something. This whole thing with Facebook really is like a bad breakup. I felt this way recently… and I’m feeling it all over again with Facebook. Oh, Facebook. I miss you.

Facebook, by the numbers

29 Sep

By request of my mom, I thought I’d provide a few (rough) stats… I guess I’ll have to semi, sort of, kind of keep up with this.

* I probably post about 1.5 statuses a day… there really is no way of accurately tracking this, though, because I have a tendency to delete statuses.

* I believe I was actively poking three people, with the occasional poke from someone random.

* I probably get on Facebook a dozen times a day… 90% of the time without any purpose.

* After checking my e-mail on my phone today, post-workout, I sort of stood there and stared at my phone for a minute. I realized I was reflex looking for Facebook.

* I’ve thought of about four things I could have posted as statuses since quitting 4.5 hours ago.

* I also spent an extra half hour at the gym… this could work out to my advantage.


28 Sep

My fingers just automatically started to type after having read and responded to my last work e-mail.

That’s right… my fingers automatically want to take me to Facebook. Siiiigh.