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1 Oct

WordPress is kind of neat. I just clicked on the “Facebook” tag… and a bunch of recently published blogs with the tag of “facebook” popped up…

I thought the explanation on Facebook was kind of neat, for those of you who are too lazy to click it for yourselves, I’ve copied/pasted it below (Thank you, WordPress)


If you don’t use Facebook (and there are fewer and fewer of you every day), you can’t understand: It’s addicting. Especially if your friends, family and co-workers live all over the planet — Facebook brings them together in one neat and tidy place.  Meaning, you’re never far away from almost everyone you know. That’s both good and bad, of course. And like all social networks, one has to wonder: Will it jump the shark? Is it the next Friendster? Or here to stay? As Spanish speakers say, vamos a ver.